FactCheck.org→ Americas PAC

Political leanings: Republican/Conservative Spending target: Undisclosed Americas PAC has traditionally specialized in making independent expenditures attempting to convince black and Hispanic voters to support Republican candidates, but the PAC says i Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Great America PAC

Political leanings: Republican/Pro-President Trump  Spending target: Unknown  Great America PAC was formed in February 2016 to support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. As a so-called “Carey committee” — a traditional poli Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ The Facts on Media Violence

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, politicians have raised concern over the influence of violent video games and films on young people, with the president claiming they’re “shaping young people’s thoughts.” Scientists s Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ The Gun Debate

President Donald Trump and some members of Congress met Feb. 28 at the White House for a freewheeling discussion on how to reduce gun violence at schools. The meeting came two weeks after the mass shooting in Florida in which 17 people were killed, in Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Spinning the Russian Indictment

Contrary to spin from White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, the indictments handed down last week against 13 Russians for meddling in U.S. elections show they clearly supported one candidate over another in the 2016 presidential genera Go to site post…»