FactCheck.org→ Trump Inflates GDP Growth

In an interview with The Sun in England, President Donald Trump claimed “the GDP since I’ve taken over has doubled and tripled.” It hasn’t. Not even close. Trump’s false claim was made to support his argument that the U.S. sho Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ More Bogus Border Claims

During the ongoing family-separation controversy, President Donald Trump and others have made false or misleading statements on several immigration issues: Trump falsely claimed that the U.S. has “thousands of judges — border judges — Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ American Bridge 21st Century

Political leanings: Democratic/liberal Spending target: Unknown American Bridge 21st Century is a liberal super PAC that conducts opposition research to aid Democratic candidates and organizations. The group was founded in November 2010 by David Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Explaining Conspiracy Theories

FactCheck.org staff writer Saranac Hale Spencer appeared on The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR, a Connecticut public radio station, to talk about the conspiracy theories and misinformation that spread online after the deadly shooting on Feb. 14 at Marjory Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Spinning the Facts on DACA

In rescinding the Obama-era Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ selective use of facts leaves a misleading impression of the program: Sessions described DACA recipients as “800,000 mostly-adult illeg Go to site post…»