FactCheck.org→ Republican Convention Night 2

Summary On the second night of the Republican National Convention, we found: White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow falsely claimed that Trump inherited a “stagnant” economy on the verge of recession. Actually, economists were predicting contin Go to site post…»

TruthOrFiction→ Obamagate, Explained

Chances are you saw at least a passing reference to “Obamagate” in May 2020, and chances are similar you (like many) struggled to understand what “Obamagate” might actually be. We’ll do our best to break it down. WhatR Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ America’s Promise PAC

Political leanings: Democratic 2018 total spending: N/A After Sen. Bernie Sanders suspended his 2020 presidential bid in early April, former senior aides of his 2016 and 2020 campaigns joined to form a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe B Go to site post…»