Snopes→ George H.W. Bush Death Hoax

Reports that former president George H.W. Bush had passed away were circulated online in mid-February 2017: Former USA President George H.W. Bush died on Saturday after suffering a heart attack, America’s Public broadcaster said. He was 93. In a Go to site post…»→ Groundhog Friday

It’s a health care edition of Groundhog Friday, our feature highlighting political claims we’ve debunked before. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, who both finished in second in the races for the Democratic and Republican nominations for p Go to site post…»→ Cruz’s Obamacare Whopper

Sen. Ted Cruz claimed that “Obamacare is discouraging people from going to medical school.” Actually, medical school applicants and enrollees are at an all-time high. “We have not seen any indication of declining interest in medicine Go to site post…»

Snopes→ Did Trump Ban ‘Sharia Law’?

In February 2017, a December 2015 commentary that originally aired on a Georgia television newscast resurfaced under misleading headlines that President Donald Trump banned “Sharia law”. Several conservative websites published (sometimes w Go to site post…»