FactCheck.org→ Trump: 17 Repeats in 17 Hours

Over the course of 17 hours, President Donald Trump repeated 17 false and misleading claims that we have written about since he became president. Trump began with an evening rally in Panama City Beach, Florida, on May 8, that lasted more than an hour, Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ The Facts on Medicare for All

Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the latest version of his Medicare for All legislation on April 10, with 13 Democratic co-sponsors. Four of them, plus Sanders himself, are running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sander says the bill, S. 1129 Go to site post…»

Were the Obamas Forced to Surrender Their Law Licenses?

In early October 2018, many people in the United States and abroad were closely watching the twists and turns around a Supreme Court nomination as multiple women accused the nominee of committing or abetting sexual assault. Almost immediately, bots, trolls, and useful idiots picked up on the controversy, muddying the waters with rumors, gossip, and […]

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