FactCheck.org→ Schumer’s CHIP Spin

The White House has proposed rescinding $7 billion in unspent funds from a children’s health program, a move Sen. Chuck Schumer said would be “taking money away from kids who need health care.” But congressional budget experts say most of Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ The Facts on Media Violence

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, politicians have raised concern over the influence of violent video games and films on young people, with the president claiming they’re “shaping young people’s thoughts.” Scientists s Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Made-up Michelle Obama Quote

Q: Did Michelle Obama say that the school shooting in Florida was President Donald Trump’s fault? A: No. That claim is circulating on dubious websites. The former first lady hasn’t said anything like that publicly. FULL ANSWER According to Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Trump’s Mistake on DACA

At an immigration meeting with members of Congress, President Donald Trump mistakenly said that foreign-born residents in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program “could be 40 years old, 41 years old.” In fact, they can be no mor Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ No Child Euthanasia in Canada

Q: Has Canada passed a law that would allow parents to euthanize disabled children? A: No. Canada’s physician-assisted death law applies only to adults if they are mentally capable of making such a decision. FULL ANSWER Physician-assisted deat Go to site post…»