FactCheck.org→ Emily’s List/Women Vote!

Political leanings: Liberal Spending target: Undisclosed Emily’s List and Women Vote! are affiliated political action committees devoted to electing Democratic women candidates who support a legal right to abortion. Both operate from the same of Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Trump’s Misguided Comparison

President Donald Trump made an apples-to-oranges comparison to suggest that his predecessor and Democrats have changed their tune on election rigging. Trump cited a pre-election quote from then-President Barack Obama telling Trump to “stop whinin Go to site post…»

FactCheck.org→ Trump’s Numbers

Summary Now that President Donald Trump has been in office for one day shy of a full year, it’s time to take a look at how well his boasts  — and his critics’ complaints — stack up against hard data. Here we offer key measures Go to site post…»